Elizabeth Elrod | oXYGen Financial Inc.

Elizabeth Elrod

Director of Finance

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Mercer University and her Masters in Tax Accounting degree from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), Elizabeth married her college crush, David. Elizabeth and David have been married for 21 years and they are currently living in Roswell raising four children (including a set of twins), a sweet black cat who wears a red bandana, and a crazy but sweet black lab that eats too many socks.

How would you describe your personality in one sentence?
I come across as quiet and reserved at first, but after I get to know you I come out of my shell.

What is your fantasy job?
Owner/Operator of a high end ladies shoes, clothing and accessories boutique

What are your wardrobe constants?
If you ask my husband, “too much”. Depends on the season….winter – jeans and boots, summer – shorts and sandals, but year round a girl must have the perfect accessories (including shoes) for all outfits.

What is the catchphrase you use the most?
More than one – “somebody’s gotta do somethin’” and “just so ya know”

What unknown talent do you have?
I can whip a bear with a switch and keep four children in line all at the same time.