Deb Rodriguez | oXYGen Financial Inc.

Deb Rodriguez

Client Service Coordinator

: I was raised in the North Georgia town of Hiawassee and attended Young Harris College before transferring to Lee University in Cleveland, TN. While at Lee, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and Literature and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. My professional background is primarily in real estate investment and since 2011, I have served on the staff of a nonprofit organization called The Gathering Place Atlanta. I love to make music and drink coffee.

How would you describe your personality in one sentence? I am laid-back, positive, pensive, fun-loving, and adventurous.

What is your fantasy job? Professional and highly sought-after idea machine.

What are your wardrobe constants? Jeans, flip-flops, earrings… and hairspray.

What is the catchphrase you use the most? “So I was thinking…”

What unknown talent do you have? I’m really handy at fixing things and I make a mean baked macaroni and cheese.