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Mark F. Scribner

Managing Director, Boston Office

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Mark grew up in Melrose, MA and now lives in Boston.  He has an amazing wife Michelle, who supports all of his crazy endurance endeavors including  a solo attempt to swim the English Channel!  Mark is the father of four children - Mark, Bella, Olivia and Emma. He loves being an assistant NFL photographer and cancer fundraiser, along with creating and running various companies.

How would you describe your personality
Curious mind, embracing growth and high energy.

What is your fantasy job?
Actually doing it- an NFL Sideline Photographer.

What are your wardrobe constants?
Jacket, pocket square, Hermes belt, nice shoes and some funky watch.

What is the catchphrase you use the most?
If you are not growing, you’re dying.

What unknown talent do you have?
I have completed 17 Ironman events. I can master the art of suffering.


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